Light version that can run on iOS & Android - Bounty: $2,000 USD

Scenario: Provide db sync to mobile platforms

This would be a lightweight, store and forward client (totally separate code from HarperDB) that allows developers to interact with HarperDB services and caches data when it's offline. Replicating HarperDB behaviors regardless of connectivity.

Use-case: Companies that need data-sync capabilities for scenarios where connectivity is poor or volatile. Where connectivity constraints are not met, a mobile app using HarperDB can run in "offline-mode". When connectivity is restored, data is synced between master copy in the cloud and local copy running in iOS/Android.

Platforms: iOS, Android devices

Bounty: $2,000 USD

Under consideration bounty unclaimed Suggested by: paul Upvoted: 21 Jul, '21 Comments: 6

Comments: 6

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